Throughout more than 40 years of history, Embramaco products have gone through different formats and prints. The Cepar brand was the pioneer of the Group, followed by Acro, Smaltcolor, Esther and Duramax - all currently consolidated in the market.

In the 50's began a success story with the tile factory of the Brothers Paraluppi, a result of the partnership between the brothers João, Amadeu and Zezinho Paraluppi. Time of hard work, lean structure and few resources, but a lot of dedication and desire to grow.

In 1974, João Paraluppi decided to leave the company and invest in a new business, this time with his children, and on May 1st of the same year was born CEPAR, the first brand of ceramic coatings of the Group - administered by Antonio Carlos Rodrigues (Tute) , as he liked to be called - an entrepreneurial figure, charismatic and recognized strategist by the ceramic sector.

Eight compositions! After a period of smaller formats, the market creates demand for larger floors, decorated by flat and rotating serigraphic techniques.

Motivated by its entrepreneurship and strategic personality, in 1985 Tute acquires the old Santa Rosa tile factory and begins the production of the new brand ACRO - derived from the initials of its name.

In 1994 the Group acquires Smaltcolor and the three brands act very competitively in the market with their independent management.

With great boldness and courage, in 2000 the Embramaco Group's "embryo" project - a modern and complete manufacturing park with great capacity for expansion and physical structure to unify the production of all the Group's brands - was started.

In a history of constant growth, in 2006 the Group launched the Esther brand, based on the best European technology. In the same year the Group invested in a pioneering and exclusive technology - resistance to water stain - with the application of a layer of sealant between the ceramic plate and the enamel, not allowing the moisture to have contact with the enamelled surface.

In search of new markets, in 2007 the Duramax brand was born.

Still in 2007, after the loss of the husband and founder of the Group, Esther Paraluppi takes the business direction with courage and willingness to reinvent herself and, a few years later - in 2012 she receives the tribute of Ceramista of the year and Embramaco, Ceramics of the year .

In 2009 the Group launches another innovation: High Definition printing technology.

In 2014, Embramaco - this young lady of 40 years, launches her enameled Porcelanato - product that brings together the best in technology, design and quality.

At Revestir 2015, Esther and her children receive the certification of Embramaco Porcelanato by CCB - Ceramic Center of Brazil and, in the same year, the brand is certified by Anfacer.

At Revestir 2017 - the most important event in the segment in Latin America, it receives for the first time the Best Product Award for Best in Show and Be Brasil, organized by Anfacer and has the opportunity to exhibit the product at the Milan Furniture Show, in Italy.