Our Quality

Embramaco Porcelanato has a line of special polished porcelain, which has high resistance to stains, uniformity of hue, variety of shapes, resistance to fading and digital printing. In addition, the finishing and the brightness, as well as the use of noble glazes, make our products best option for your project, whether they are residential or comercial, for indoor or outdoor areas.

Quality Policy

Production process

At every stage of porcelain production, we work very carefully, following strict standards to ensure the quality of the products, as well as the satisfaction and safety of our customers.

In the manufacturing plant, the raw materials are separated into different containers, and after the storage process, samples are taken for analysis in order to ensure their quality and, consequently, that of the final product.
Throughout the entire manufacturing process, our team follows strict safety standards in order to ensure that only high quality products reach the market.


Here at Embramaco Porcelanato we do not only work with products; we create solutions in decoration. So, in addition to the technical differentials, we also offer other advantages such as beautiful prints and textures, as well as an ample variety of sizes - with the traditional squares, planks and large formats. With all of these choices, our porcelain tiles are suitable to the most diverse projects.